An Ooni Pro pizza oven with the fire lit

How to Light Your Ooni Pro

The Video Guide

A video guide to lighting your Ooni Pro pizza oven using wood alone - we get to over 450°C in less than 20 minutes using super dry, mixed species British hardwood, cut perfectly for Ooni Pro.

What wood should I use in my Ooni Pro pizza oven?

You should only ever use hardwood in your Ooni Pro pizza oven. Softwood may be cheaper but it will burn through quickly, struggle to get your oven to temperature and leave behind a lot of excess ash.

Make sure the wood you use in you pizza oven is dried to well below 20% moisture so it burns hot with minimal smoke.

The Step by Step

What you need

  • Hardwood splits like our Ooni Pro Logs
  • Kindling
  • Two to three firelighters
  • Extra long matches
  • Digital thermometer
  • Heat proof gloves

1. Get your Ooni Pro ready

It's critical that the door is closed, the chimney is open and the chimney cap is off before you start

2. Start building the fire

Put two or three firelighters into the fuel tray at the back, criss-cross some kindling around it and add one hardwood split.

Don't overload the fuel tray - four or five pieces of kindling is plenty

3. Get it lit

Use an extra long match to light each of the firelighters and put the fuel tray door back on

4.Stoke it up

Check on the fire after around 10 minutes, and if there's space in the fuel tray, add one or two more hardwood splits to keep the fire stoked and burning aggressively - smouldering wood won't get you to temperature.

If there's not yet room, come back in another 5 minutes to refuel.

5. Check the stone temperature

Depending on outside temperature and wind conditions, the Ooni Pro should be at cooking temperature within 20 to 25 minutes.

Use a digital thermometer to check the temperature of the stone. You need it to be in the range of 400-450°C to cook Neapolitan pizza.

6.Launch your pizza!

Once you're at your desired temperature, you're ready to go - so add one or two hardwood splits to make sure you come back to a rolling flame once you've opened your dough and built your pizza. Enjoy!

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