Fire pit with blazing fire next to an outdoor sofa

How to Light Your Fire Pit

You don't want to be mucking around adding kindling and logs to your fire pit every couple of minutes - you've got guests to entertain!

Our simple guide shows you how to light your fire pit so you can light it, leave it and get back to being the host or hostess with the most... or, erm, mostess?

How to light your fire pit - step by step

First things first, make sure your firepit is in a safe area away from timber such as decking and fences!

What you need to light your fire pit

  • 1 natural firelighter
  • 6-8 pieces of kindling
  • Hardwood logs (we recommend kiln-dried mixed species)
  • Extra long matches or a long stove lighter
  • Fireside set
  • Heatproof gloves

1. Build the kindling base

Put one natural firelighter in the bottom of the fire pit and build a 'log cabin' of kindling around it, 6-8 pieces high depending on the size of fire you're building.

2.Build the firewood stack

Build a larger log cabin, using kiln-dried logs, that completely surrounds the kindling base.

3. Light that fire!

Use an extra-long match or stove lighter to set fire to the firelighter at the centre of the whole stack. 

This will burn for 8-10 minutes, quickly catching the kindling and spreading to the kiln-dried logs.

4.Stoke the fire

A fire needs a supply of fresh oxygen, so if the firewood stack collapses, use the tongs in your fireside set to ensure good airflow around the burning logs.

5. Keep the fire going

Once the logs are burning, it's a judgement call as to when to add more fuel. You need to find a balance between adding more kiln-dried logs frequently enough to keep the fire going, whilst not smothering the fire by adding too much, too quickly. Remember - air flow is extremely important for a roaring fire!

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