Scott Deley Crowned the UK's Best Amateur Pizzaiolo 2023

We didn't think it was possible to top the UK's Best Amateur Pizzaiolo 2022, but this year's contestants gave it a damn good shot!

Six finalists, including last years' winner, Pete Bath, joined us for a Saturday of doughmaking (and drinking), before cooking an authentic Neopolitan margherita and their doughstopper for the judges on the Sunday. 

The judges were blown away by the skill and creativity of the six amateur pizzaiolos and we were in awe of every single doughstopper. From the sesame seed crust, to the aubergine cream and the life-changing discovery of naga chillies, they all brought something original and delectable to the table.

But it was Scott Deley who gave us a near-perfect Neopolitan Margherita and a doughstopper of dreams. 

As soon as we saw his paprika spiced tomato base with mozarella, scamorza, prosciutto and chorizo crumble come out of the oven we knew it would be special. When he added burrata, chorizo dust, pickled red onions and parmesan crisps post-bake, our jaws were on the floor. 

Morgan Davies came a close second with his duck and homemade hoisin sauce which was indescribably good - cheap plum sauce from your local Chinese it ain't!

Special shout outs have to go to Anne and Pete who took the sustainability section very seriously and sourced almost everything from their local farm shops with hardly any plastic in sight.

See all of the doughstoppers and watch how the weekend went down here.

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