How to Light your Log Burner from the Top Down

It may be controversial but we swear by the ‘top down’ method for lighting a fire in your log burner. No faffing around adding logs to a burning stack of kindling, just light, sit back and enjoy.

Absolute wizardry, if you ask me!

The Step by Step

What you need to light a fire in your log burner

The video shows the stack being built outside the fire for ease of filming but you should build it directly in your log burner!

1. Lay a couple of the thickest kiln-dried logs

It's best to have a thin layer of ash underneath, don't clean your stove out fully each time!

2. Add some thinner kiln-dried logs

Make a 'log cabin' shape with 1-2 layers of thinner logs, on top of the thick logs

3. Stack the kindling

Make another 'log cabin' of super dry kindling on top of the thinner kiln-dried logs, and pop a natural firelighter on top

4. Add more kindling

Build anther layer of kindling and add another natural firelighter on top

5. Get your fire lit

Use an extra long match to light both of the natural firelighters

6. Let the air flow

Make sure the vents are open and depending on the model of your log burner, it might help to leave the doors open too

7. Check on the fire

The kindling should light within the first few minutes, followed by the thinner logs a couple of minutes later

8. Sustain the fire

After 7-10 minutes, you should have a roaring fire, so close the door and enjoy! Adjust the vents but don't close them all the way

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