How to Light your Gozney Roccbox

The Video Guide

A video guide to lighting your Gozney Roccbox pizza oven using the Woodburner 2.0 - it's simple to get to over 450°C in less than 20 minutes using super dry, mixed species British hardwood.

 First things first, make sure you have the right tools to hand!

Which wood should I use in my Gozney Roccbox pizza oven?

It's really important that you use properly dry hardwood pieces, in your Gozney Roccbox. Softwood may be cheaper but it will burn through quickly, smoke excessively and leave lots of ash in your fuel tray. 

Our Hardwood Kindling wood pieces are specially cut to fit in your pizza oven, and dried to well below 15% moisture so they will burn beautifully.

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The Step by Step

What you need

1. Get your Gozney Roccbox ready

Remove your gas burner and attach the Woodburner 2.0

2. Start building the fire

Pull out the fuel tray, add one firelighter in the middle of a few pieces of hardwood kindling

Don't put too many in to start with. 3 to 4 pieces of kindling is plenty

3. Light it up

Light the firelighter, put the fuel tray back into place and close the door

4. Stoke it up

Check on the fire every few minutes, and if there's space in the fuel tray, add more hardwood kindling to keep the fire stoked and burning aggressively - smouldering coals won't get you to temperature, so this isn't the time to skimp on fuel

5. Check the flame

Don't rush it! Use a digital thermometer to regularly check the temperature of the stone. You need it to be in the range of 400-450°C to cook Neapolitan pizza

Wind can affect the way the Roccbox runs on wood, so if it's not ready, keep stoking the fire with more hardwood kindling and check again in a few minutes. A small electric fan can help with airflow into the fuel tray if there's no wind at all.

A lot of the small ovens say they can be ready in 15 minutes, but we think it's worth investing a bit more time to make sure the stone is totally saturated with heat, which can sometimes take up to 45 minutes

6. Launch!

Once you're at your desired temperature, you're ready to go - so add a piece or two of hardwood kindling to make sure you come back to a rolling flame once you've opened your dough and built your pizza. Enjoy!

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