Close up of Steak Being Placed into Ooni Pizza Oven

Steak Sandwich Cooked in Ooni Karu

When I bought my first wood fired oven, it was just pizza, pizza pizza. Sometimes we ate pizza three times a week! I was obsessed and the thought "What else can I cook in my pizza oven?" never even crossed my mind!

Now, four years in, the range of meals I cook in my wood fired ovens is thankfully much broader - my waistline couldn't have coped with our previous rate of pizza consumption! One of the first lessons I made sure I learned was how to cook a steak in my pizza oven. The hot, dry heat of a wood fired pizza oven is perfect for searing steak and getting that Maillard reaction, which causes caramelisation on the surface of the meat... and that means FLAVOUR!

So this blog is the first of many where I'll give you hints, tips and how-to videos so you can benefit from shortcutting my own learns, and help you cook a much bigger range of meals in your own pizza oven - starting with steak.

How to Cook a Steak in my Pizza Oven: Wood Fired Steak Sandwich Cooked in Ooni Karu

0m11s - My Tips for How to Cook a Steak in Your Pizza Oven

1m02s - Cooking the Steak

3m11s - When to Pull Your Steak and Rest

3m20s - Making the Steak Sandwich

What Else Can I Cook in my Pizza Oven?

Oh my friends, let me tell you, the sky's the limit! There are no rules to what you can or can't cook in a wood fired oven, and my rule is if you can cook it in your kitchen, you can cook it outside!

Over this spring and summer I'm bringing you a series of videos showing you a range of easy recipes that you can cook in your pizza oven, whether you're using a small oven such as Ooni or Gozney, or a much larger wood fired oven.

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