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Why is Love Logs the Best Place to Buy Firewood?

We know that there are tons of places you can go to buy firewood - there are probably log sellers near you, and there are plenty of companies where you can buy firewood online. 


We truly believe that Love Logs is the best place buy firewood. Here's why.

We sell the best quality British Logs and Charcoal

We’re passionate about the quality of our wood and we have very strict processes in place to ensure that all of our kiln-dried logs are below 20% moisture so that they light easily and burn hot with very little smoke, to give you a lovely log burner experience.


Whilst wood is a natural product and the sizes can vary, our logs tend to be cut to a more uniform size than other log sellers, so you can be sure your box won’t be full of skinny pieces, or huge thick logs which won’t burn.


Our charcoal is 100% restaurant grade charcoal, with no fillers or additives so it lights quickly and burns cleanly – you can cook right on the coals!


All of the firewood and charcoal you buy from us is sustainably sourced in the UK, reducing road miles and supporting local economies.

We offer fast, reliable log delivery

Traditional log delivery sucks. Who wants to wait in all day for a plastic bulk bag to be dumped on your driveway in the rain, giving you the hassle of having to load the logs into your log store and then dispose of a hell of a lot of plastic


We truly believe that we offer the best log delivery in the UK. 


Our logs are delivered directly to your door by DPD in 100% plastic free packaging the next working day (when you order before 1pm). If the next day doesn’t work, you can request for DPD to leave them in a safe place or change the delivery date to one that suits you better.


More than 99.9% of our orders are delivered on time, so you can be confident your firewood delivery will get to you when we say it will.


Left it till the last minute for that pizza party? Upgrade to Saturday delivery until 1pm Friday

We offer a super slick firewood subscription

There’s nothing worse than running out of firewood halfway through a freezing cold evening, or using the last of your Ooni wood in the middle of a pizza party!


With our easy subscription service, you can choose to have the exact amount of wood or charcoal you need delivered on your schedule so you never run out. 


You can choose to have a delivery every week, every three months or anywhere in between! 


Our firewood subscription service is really flexible so if you find you need more or less one month, you can pause, change or cancel your subscription in a few clicks by logging into your account.


There's no contract so you can cancel at any time, and the best part is you get 10% discount on your first order and 5% on every subsequent order in the subscription.

We have the right wood product for you

There are so many different wood burning appliances out there that when you’re trying to source your fuel, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees (pun intended – sorry!). 


Nobody needs the hassle of buying big, thick logs and cutting them down with an axe to find your small log burner or pizza oven.


Every single product we sell has been tested by us in our own log burner, pizza oven, BBQ, fire pit, chiminea or asado grill so we’re confident it will work for you.


That’s why we sell three different lengths of log for your log burner, and countless specialist cuts and species of cooking wood, pizza oven wood and British charcoal. 


It’s easy to find what you need and you can be confident that you’re buying the right wood or charcoal product for you.

We're plastic-free and planet friendly

One of the reasons we founded Love Logs was our disgust at the amount of plastic used throughout the firewood industry. Whether it’s single-use bulk bags or cheap plastic nets, traditionally the firewood industry has chosen cost over environmental impact and most of the wood you buy in the UK will be packaged in plastic.


We package our wood in 100% plastic-free, recyclable cardboard boxes and we even use paper tape to seal them.


We make sure all of our wood is taken sustainably from properly managed UK woodland so you know your fire isn't contributing to deforestation, and we plant a tree for every single order!

You get real customer service

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting a week for a response to an email, sitting through an hour of hold music or getting stuck talking to a 'chat bot' when you just have a simple question!

We're always happy to help and guarantee that if you send us a message via WhatsApp, social media or email that we'll respond quickly, even over the weekend! We will answer any questions you have and can advise on the right products and how to use them to get the most out of your specific appliance.

On the (very!) rare occasions that our customers report issues with our products or their delivery, we resolve them quickly, either by sending replacements or working with our courier, DPD, to sort any delivery problems.

Don't just take our word for it....

These customers told us they think Love Logs is the best place to buy their wood and charcoal

Verified review reading: Tried a few different suppliers for our new eco wood-burning stove and Love Logs were by far the best. The wood is cut into quarters and always consistent in size, shape and burn. Daniel Davis
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