Wood Burner Fuel Kit

  • British kiln dried firewood, kindling and UK manufactured firelighters, everything you need for your log burner, open fire, chiminea or fire pit

Wood Burner Fuel Kit


Sitting around a fire is good for the soul, especially when toasting marshmallows or enjoying a glass of wine in front of your log burner.

Our Wood Burner Fuel Kits contain everything you need to light and sustain a roaring fire in your log burner, fire pit or chiminea

All of our logs and kindling are kiln-dried and Woodsure certified 'Ready to Burn' so they burn hot with less smoke and ash than seasoned logs and lower quality alternatives.

Our natural firelighters light almost immediately and burn for up to 10 minutes. You only need one or two to get any fire started, with no smoke or smell at all

The Large Kit contains

  • Large Pack of British kiln-dried logs (approx 22kg)
  • Box of kindling (approx. 2kg)
  • 25 Natural Firelighters

The Medium Kit contains

  • Medium Pack of British kiln-dried logs (approx. 16kg)
  • Box of kindling (approx. 1kg)
  • 15 Natural Firelighters

 The Small Kit contains

  • Small Pack of British kiln-dried logs (approx. 8kg)
  • Bundle of kindling
  • 10 Natural Firelighters

    Product Specification

    • Logs and kindling are guaranteed below 20% moisture content
    • The size and shape of logs vary naturally, but all of our logs are approx. 21 - 26cm long and up to 15cm thick
    • Our kindling is approx. 6 inches long

    How are we planet friendly?

    • We're 100% plastic-free
    • We source our logs exclusively from sustainable British woodlands
    • We plant two trees for every order
    • Our logs are dried in biomass-fuelled kilns - sustainable fuel producing sustainable fuel!


    Burning longer and hotter with less smoke and ash than seasoned logs

    British wood

    Reducing road miles and supporting local economies

    Planet Friendly

    Plastic-free and sourced from sustainable woodlands