Igneus pizza oven with a roaring fire inside, next to a Love Logs box

How to Light Your Igneus Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Through plenty of trial and error (alright, more error than we'd like to admit) we know that getting your Igneus wood fired pizza oven up to temperature, and keeping it there, can be a challenge.

Our guide gives you an easy step by step to get your Igneus pizza oven up to pizza cooking  temperature and keep it there.

Your Pizza Oven Lighting Kit

We used to struggle to find the best logs for an Igneus pizza oven, so we designed our pizza splits to make this part of the process a little easier.  Our Steel Pizza Oven Fuel Kit contains

  • Natural Firelighters to get it started with no chemical smell
  • Pizza Splits to get the oven up to temperature quickly
  • Thicker Kiln-Dried Logs to maintain the temperature for pizza making

How to light your Igneus

You're going to build a fire right on the cooking surface of your oven. This heats the stones, which is what's going to cook and crisp your base while the rolling flame adds flavour and cooks through your toppings.

Start with a couple of natural firelighters right on the stone where you're going to cook your pizzas.

Use pizza splits around the natural firelighters to create a base for the fire, and build a lattice from 6-8 splits.

Time to light this baby up! Make sure your firelighters sit under the criss-crossed parts of the tower. Once you have a fire burning, add a few more pizza splits every 3-4 minutes.

After 10-12 minutes, it should be up to temperature or getting pretty close. Keep the fire stoked for the next 3-4 minutes and keep the heat right where it is on the pizza stone.

After about 13 or 14 minutes, push the fire to the back or side of your oven using your ember rake, and add two of the larger logs from your Steel Pizza Oven Fuel Kit using your pizza peel. We add our heat deflector in at this point too.

As soon as the two bigger logs have caught fire, you're ready to cook and your Igneus pizza oven will sustain cooking temperature for up to 20 minutes.

If you're just cooking a couple of pizzas in your Igneus you won't need to add any more logs.

If you're cooking for an extended period of time, just keep adding larger logs to the fire to maintain temperature and keep that amazing rolling flame going.

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