Firewood in a Love Logs cardboard box

Why Buy Boxed Firewood...?

...and more of your burning questions about buying firewood in 2023.

Dial back to 2020 and the firewood industry desperately needed to get with the times. Single use plastic, using the phone to order and having to go to a shop to collect was all very 2002.

We founded Love Logs to disrupt this very antiquated industry and offer an easy, convenient and more sustainable option for your firewood, cooking wood and pizza wood.

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response over the past three years, but you’re still not convinced, read on to learn about the benefits of buying boxed firewood, buying firewood online and buying kiln-dried firewood vs seasoned.

Why buy boxed firewood?

Traditionally, you could buy firewood in two ways – a bulk load in bulk bags, crates or the back of your truck, or small qualities in plastic bags or nets.

We think firewood in boxes is a great alternative to both bulk buying and small quantity plastic bags.

Boxed firewood vs bulk firewood

Buying firewood in bulk is hard work, it needs a significant financial outlay and you must have plenty of space to store it.

Firewood needs to be kept off the floor and out of the rain or it can take on moisture making it more difficult to burn. If you’re not lucky enough to have a large, covered area to store your firewood, you’ll be relying on out outdoor log store which won’t offer much protection, and anyway, who wants to go outside in the cold and rain to collect wood every evening?!

Boxed firewood takes up very little space and can easily be stored next to your log burner, or in the garage or utility room until you’re ready to use it.

When you buy a bulk load, you pay for the whole thing at once, which is a lot of money to spend on firewood that you might not burn for six months or a year. With our simple subscription service, you can spread the cost and get a box delivered every week or month, so you’re only paying for the wood you’re actually going to use.

If you only light your log burner occasionally, you might not use a whole bulk load of firewood in one season. Why would you spend money on good quality wood just to let it sit in your log store for years taking on moisture and mould? Buying boxed firewood with next day delivery means you can just buy what you need, when you need it.

Boxed firewood vs bagged firewood.

Plastic bags, and especially plastic nets, are terrible for the environment. Plastics don’t biodegrade, they just break down into microplastics which end up in our food, our water supply and are now even being found in human blood.

It’s a serious issue and whilst more companies are making an effort to offer plastic recycling, according to the British Plastics Foundation ’The UK does not have capacity to recycle all of the plastics it produces’. We therefore have to export our plastic waste which often ends up in the ocean or landfill. You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of marine life trapped, maimed or even killed by plastic bags, and the nets are even worse!

On top of the environmental impact, plastic bags are not good for your wood. Being in a sealed bag can cause the wood to ‘sweat’ meaning you’ll often get condensation on the inside of the bag and mouldy logs!

Not only are our cardboard boxes fully recyclable, they keep your firewood in tiptop condition 👌

Why order firewood online?

Buying firewood online is much more convenient than driving out to find a log seller; we do the heavy lifting for you!

With Love Logs using DPD’s delivery service, you can get your firewood on the next working day, delivered straight to your door, so you aren’t lugging the heavy boxes around. And nobody wants to plan their day around a firewood delivery - if you don’t want to wait at home, you can nominate a neighbour or safe space to leave your boxes.

You can even set up a regular delivery so you never have to think about firewood again! Our simple subscription service allows you to choose what you need and how often then just sit back and wait for it to arrive on your schedule. Any changes you need to make can be done with a few clicks by logging into your account. What could be easier?

Why buy kiln-dried firewood?

Kiln-dried logs can be dried much more quickly compared to seasoning them and to a more specific moisture content, which is usually below 20%. 

Whilst kiln-dried logs are often more expensive than seasoned logs, they will burn hotter, last longer and emit less smoke and ash. And who likes cleaning layers of thick soot from their log burner?

Can I buy kiln-dried logs near me?

It depends where you live! There are some really great small, local log companies selling properly dried, good quality, sustainably sourced wood. However, in our experience they are few and far between and there’s no way of knowing who you’re dealing with until you’ve already handed over your money.

Many ‘local’ suppliers are selling imported wood which has been driven from Eastern Europe, clocking up thousands of road miles before it gets to you and potentially contributing to deforestation. Remember our golden rule - if the seller doesn’t tell you whether or not the wood is British, it probably isn’t!  We talk more about this in ‘Why Buy British Firewood?

Before we started Love Logs we bought three different bulk loads from three different ‘local’ suppliers. All were terrible quality and we later found out that two of the three were imported. 

We wanted to make good quality, kiln-dried British firewood available to the whole of the UK and deliver it almost as quickly as if you’d just driven down the road!

We think it's better to buy British wood online, than buying imported wood from a local supplier (but we would say that!)

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