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Which logs are best?

Which logs are best depends on your appliance and what you’re using them for. In the article, we will cover:

Which logs are best for my log burner?

The best logs for a log burner are any hardwood logs, kiln-dried to less than 20% moisture content and cut to the right size for your specific wood burning stove.

Always make sure you buy properly dry hardwood logs, with a maximum of 20% moisture content. Moisture content is very important and a low moisture content means  your logs will light easily, burn hotter and emit less smoke and soot which is better for you and your log burner.

Why should I use hardwood logs in my log burner?

Softwood logs might seem tempting as they’re often cheaper than hardwood logs, but they are a false economy as softwood logs will burn through quickly than hardwood so you’ll use more

Softwood has a higher sap content than hardwood so softwood logs will be smokier and leave more sooty deposits compared to hardwood logs which is not good for air quality or your log burner!

What species of wood should I use in my log burner?

When you’re looking for the best logs for your log burner, you might be tempted to try different species of wood. They do all have slightly different burning properties, but it won’t make a great deal of difference in a log burner. As long as your firewood logs are hardwood and dried to below 20% moisture, they should work for you

  • Ash is a good all rounder which lights easily and burns well. Most British ash is currently being felled out due to Ash Dieback disease meaning it’s easy to get hold of for firewood at the moment, but may be extinct in the UK within the next 10 years
  • Beech lights easily and burns very hot. It burns through slightly quicker than some of the other species, but it leaves a great bed of embers which will continue to warm the room after the wood has burnt away
  • Oak is more dense and therefore harder to get properly dry. It is likely to be harder to light, but once lit will burn for the longest time, but not the highest temperature

At Love Logs, most of our Kiln-Dried British Logs and Hobbit Logs are a mix of ash and beech.

What size logs will fit in my log burner?

The next thing you need to consider is size – what is the maximum length log that will fit in your stove?

At Love Logs, we do three different lengths – our ‘Box of British Kiln-Dried Logs’ are approx. 25cm long and fit around 90% of wood burning stoves. However, if you have a smaller stove such as a Salamander, Anevay or Outbacker stove, you’ll want to look for a shorter log. Our Hobbit Logs come in two lengths – 20cm and 15cm so you can find the one that’s right for you and your log burner.

Once you’ve chosen the best logs for your log burner, don’t forget you need kindling and decent, natural firelighters to get your fire started without any hassle. Our Wood Burner Fuel Kits contain both.

What else should I consider when buying firewood?

There are a few other things to consider when choosing the best logs for your log burner, including how much storage space and how much you have to spend. Check out our guide 7 Things You Need to Know When Buying Firewood

Which logs are best for my pizza oven?

The best wood most pizza ovens is hardwood logs cut to the right size.

Softwood will burn too quickly and leave too much ash which is not what you want when you're cooking! 

The best size logs for your pizza oven depend on which type and model of oven you have. An Ooni Fyra takes different fuel to the Gozney Dome which is totally different to a large, custom built oven. We cover them all in our article Which Wood Is Right for My Pizza Oven

Which logs are best for my fire pit?

Hands up who’s had a fun night around the fire pit ruined with smoke billowing in your face?


That was probably due to soggy logs.

When wood is burned with too high a moisture content, it’s hard to get a good fire going. Wet or damp logs don’t burn as hot and they emit a lot more soot and smoke than dry wood – why would you bother??

The best logs for your fire pit are any hardwood logs, dried to below 20% moisture so they burn with very little smoke. There will always be some smoke when burning wood, but you should be able to sit close to the fire and carry a conversation without coughing or your eyes streaming.

Logs burned outside will burn through more quickly than in an indoor fireplace or log burner due to the wind, so make sure you have plenty of logs on hand to keep your fire topped up and roaring throughout the night.

At Love Logs, our Fire Pit Fuel Kits contain a mix of ash and beech hardwood British logs, dried to below 20% moisture, and enough kindling and firelighters for a few nights around the fire pit.

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