Setting Up of a Cold Smoke Generator for Faultless Cold Smoking

How to Set Up a Cold Smoke Generator for Faultless Cold Smoking

We get a lot of feedback from people who get frustrated with cold smoking, with people often finding it difficult to get a clean, consistent burn from start to finish. 

Switching to our cold smoke dust is enough for a lot of people - perhaps their previous product wasn't dry enough, or the particle size wasn't right. Our cold smoke dust is essentially the same product used by large commercial smokehouses, so it's super dry and a consistent size throughout.

But occasionally a mistake with process is the cause, so we thought we'd share a short video with how we look after our cold smoke generator, and how we prep and light it for a consistent experience every time. It's super important to clean your cold smoke generator every time you use it, as well as following the simple set up process in this video.

How to Clean, Load and Light Your Cold Smoke Maze

Obviously, we recommend watching the whole video if you want to maximise your chances of a consistent cold smoking experience.

But if you're looking for something specific, you can use the scroll bar in the video to jump forward to the chapters below:

0m7s - Cleaning Your Cold Smoke Generator

0m36s - Filling Your Cold Smoke Generator

1m28s - Lighting Your Cold Smoke Generator

2m40s - How to Cold Smoke Salt

2m57s - What Your Smoke Should Look Like

3m38s - Cold Smoke Generator After 2 Hours Cold Smoking

4m09s - Cold Smoke Generator After 4 Hours Cold Smoking

4m26s - What Makes Good Cold Smoking Dust

Can I Cold Smoke in Any BBQ?

YES! As long as your barbecue has vents to control airflow - one for airflow in and one for airflow out - then you can use it for cold smoking.

You can also cold smoke with a range of homemade options including old filing cabinets or storage units!

What if I Don't Like a Strong Smoky Flavour?

That's okay - with cold smoking you're in complete control of how much smoke you give your food.

Like it a little less strong? Just smoke for a shorter amount of time, or use a more subtle smoking wood such as cherry or apple.

Which Smoking Wood Should I Use?

We like playing with different wood species for different foods,but some people are looking for something very specific.

Our quick guide is below for which wood to use for cold smoking:

Oak - an absolute classic, highly versatile, a full flavour that works with almost anything
Cherry - a sweet, light all-rounder that can be used forgivingly, just like with hot smoking cherry is brilliant for pork
Apple - light with a subtle fruity flavour that smells amazing as it smokes, and works well as a more subtle smoke profile with almost everything
Beech - a light, nutty smoke profile that works brilliantly with dairy and pork
Whisky Oak - similar to oak, a strong profile that works with almost anything, but we dare you to try whisky smoked sugar!

Ultimately, as with all cooking, flavour is subjective - so play around with different species to find your favourite food pairings!

Smoking Wood

If you have any questions about using your cold smoke generator, or which dust to buy,  just send us an email on and we'll do our best to help!

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