Love Logs was launched in August 2020 by Heather and Paul – we’re a brand new business trying to do something different in the firewood industry. 

Paul and Heather in the warehouse after launching Love Logs Planet Friendly Firewood

We’re passionate about the environment (and almost as passionate about pizza!) and while we’re not perfect, we make changes wherever possible – driving lessbuying local and avoiding single use plastic when there’s aalternative. 

We moved into a new house with a log burner at the start of 2020, and we struggled through our first winter to buy high-quality firewood that burned hot & clean and was easy to store. 

Initially we bought a pallet-load which we hauled home in the back of Paul’s truck and had to unload in the rain on a freezing cold night in January. The logs were OK, but it was a pain having to go out to the log store every time we wanted to light a fire. When lockdown hit and we couldn't leave the house, we had seasoned logs delivered from the farmer up the road – but they were so smoky they lived in the greenhouse until we gave them away.

When our holiday to Italy was cancelled and we spent our holiday cash on a wood-fired pizza oven, we struggled to find logs online that were right for the oven - everything sold as “pizza oven wood” was actually huge logs, made for restaurant pizza ovens. Paul was out every weekend in the garden with an axe splitting the logs so they would work for our oven. Sounds like the dream for all the outdoorsy types out there – but trust us, it got boring quickly. 

Perhaps most surprisingly, there didn’t seem to be a single option out there for firewood delivered in plastic-free packaging. 

The idea of Love Logs was born, and we put all our spare time for the next couple of months into researching the industry and planning the business. We were surprised again to find that a huge amount of the firewood sold in the UK is imported from Eastern Europe. Firewood doesn’t have to be labelled as imported, so our cosy fires and pizza nights were potentially clocking up 1,500+ road miles to reach the UK, without us even knowing! 

We decided we had to do it differently. 

We took a risk – Heather gave up her job to throw herself full time into setting up Love Logs. We’d never built a website, developed a brand, set up a supply chain or negotiated leases before, so we learned as we went along and we’re still learning today. 

So what’s Love Logs all about? 

  • We supply high-quality, kiln-dried firewood to households that care about the environment and don’t have the space or desire to store bulk firewood
  • Our specialist pizza wood products make mastering any wood-fired oven easy, allowing our fellow Pizzaiolos to focus on mastering great pizza
  • We plant two trees for every single order, working with our charitable partner Eden Reforestation Projects to create employment in communities affected by deforestation
  • Most importantly we’re committed to doing what we do sustainably, using exclusively British firewoodguaranteed less than 20% moisture content
  • All of our packaging is 100% plastic free, made from recyclable cardboard and paper

In a nutshell, it’s Planet Friendly Firewood that gives back to the environment, with no plastic. At all. Ever.