Smoking Fuel Kit

  • Smoking Fuel Kit

Smoking Fuel Kit


Level up your barbecue game this summer by using sustainable British charcoal and locally-sourced smoking chunks.

Added to hot coals, wood chunks add smoke, and therefore flavour, to any charcoal barbecue. We're not talking flipping burgers and spinning sausages - we're talking next level chicken, gorgeous fish and even whole roasts cooked over coal on your kettle barbecue or kamado.

We provide everything you need to cook epic barbecue with our fuel kits including natural firelighters, restaurant grade British lumpwood charcoal and smoking chunks from traceable sources.

    The Large Fuel Kit contains

    • 12kg Sustainable British Lumpwood Charcoal
    • Approx. 24 Cherry and Alder Smoking Chunks
    • 16 Natural Firelighters
    • Enough for up to 8 cooks on a kettle barbecue

    The Small Fuel Kit contains

    • 3kg Sustainable British Lumpwood Charcoal
    • 6-8 Cherry and Alder Smoking Chunks
    • 4 Natural Firelighters
    • Enough for up to 2 cooks on a kettle barbecue

    How are we planet friendly?

    • We're 100% plastic-free
    • Our British charcoal and smoking woods are derived exclusively from sustainable British woodlands
    • We plant two trees for every order

      Fast Delivery

      Next working-day delivery when you order before 1pm. Free when you spend over £20.

      Locally Sourced

      Sustainably sourced in the UK, reducing road miles and supporting local economies

      Planet Friendly

      Shipped in plastic-free packaging, with two trees planted for every single order