Pizza Oven Hardwood Kindling

  • British kiln-dried oak hardwood kindling, cut perfectly to size to fit Ooni Karu, Gozney Roccbox, Alfresco Chef Ember and other tabletop pizza ovens

Pizza Oven Hardwood Kindling


Everything you need to fire up your table-top wood-fired oven and cook at 450ºC.

Our smallest logs are custom-made for Ooni Karu, Gozney Roccbox and Alfresco Chef, amongst others. We know you can get by on shop bought kindling, but we believe every home "Pizzaiolo" has the right to experience cooking on hardwood!

The fuel kit contains British oak hardwood cut precisely to fit in the burner compartment of your oven, dried below 20% moisture so it lights easily yet burns hot & long, plus natural firelighters that light easily and produce no chemical smell.

The Small Fuel Kit contains:

  • 4kg of kiln-dried British oak kindling
  • 8 natural firelighters

The Medium Fuel Kit contains:

  • 8kg of kiln-dried British oak kindling
  • 16 natural firelighters

The Large Fuel Kit contains:

  • 12kg of kiln-dried British oak kindling
  • 24 natural firelighters

How are we planet friendly?

  • We're 100% plastic-free
  • We plant two trees for every order
  • We source our logs exclusively from sustainable British woodlands
  • All wood is dried below 20% moisture for a clean, efficient burn
  • Our logs are dried in biomass-fuelled kilns - sustainable fuel producing sustainable fuel!

Fast Delivery

Next working-day delivery when you order before 1pm. Free when you spend over £20.

Locally Sourced

Sustainably sourced in the UK, reducing road miles and supporting local economies

Planet Friendly

Shipped in plastic-free packaging, with two trees planted for every single order