Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

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Pizza Oven Wood Pellets



Grown and manufactured from sustainable forests in the UK - our supplier harvests only a fraction of their total tree cover each year, ensuring the cycle is 100% renewable. We make it really easy for you, including natural firelighters in the fuel kit so you don't need to buy them separately.

The pellets are 100% virgin timber with no binders or fillers and there's no compromise on performance - we heat the stone in an Ooni Fyra to 450ºC every single time, so even the sought-after Neapolitan pizza is possible. Certified to ENplus A1 standard, our pellets are less than 10% moisture and leave very low levels of ash.

Suitable for Ooni Fyra, Ooni 3, Dellonda, Outi, Piccolo Portable, Burnhard Nero and Fresh Grills ovens.

    The Large Pellet Fuel Kit contains:

    • 20kg of British wood pellets 
    • 20 natural firelighters

    The Small Pellet Fuel Kit contains:

    • 10kg of British wood pellets 
    • 10 natural firelighters

    How are we planet friendly?

    • We're 100% plastic-free
    • Our pellets are grown and manufactured in the UK, reducing road miles
    • We plant two trees for every order

    Fast Delivery

    Next working-day delivery when you order before 1pm. Free when you spend over £20.

    Locally Sourced

    Sustainably sourced in the UK, reducing road miles and supporting local economies

    Planet Friendly

    Shipped in plastic-free packaging, with two trees planted for every single order